Fossil Hunting Tools

Fossil Hunting on the Peace River.

Useful tools to bring when you go fossil hunting include the following:

Make a Sifting Tool

Make a sifting tool

These dimensions will allow the sift to be made from a single 6' stock 1x2 pine. For smaller children we suggest reducing the size. Use two 1 1/4 inch sheetrock or decking screws to secure each corner (predrill the holes to prevent splitting). Secure the 1/4 inch mesh screening with 1/2 or 3/8ths inch staples. Use caution when working with the screening, the edges are sharp. Hammer the staples and screening flat against the wood and check that no sharp edges are exposed. Adding angle irons to the outside corners will extend the life of the sift. Nail molding, or if you own a table saw, rip a thin strip of wood to cover where the screening is stapled to the frame. Do this on sifts built for children to completely cover the sharp edges of the mesh.

A finished sifting tool Sifting for fossils Sifting for fossils in the Peace River

Another favorite method is to snorkel and/or dive and "fan" for fossils. A lot of fossils are below the sand closer to the limestone bottom. You use your hand or something similar (folded old car tag works good) to fan the sand away.

You also need a permit to keep anything other than shark teeth and invertebrate fossils. Go to for more info.